Goals from 2016 & Goals for 2017

Last January I decided to take part in the 2016 Grimoire Challenge, which focused on developing whatever notebook you had/wanted to have that held all your magical info. I stuck with it until June, when the challenge was starting to falter (for a lot of reasons, some a reflection of the magic community as a whole that might be worth exploring in the future, but this post isn’t about that.)

This December I opened up my “Grimoire Challenge” notebook again, deciding to give the challenge it’s proper dues and integrate it into my actual notebooks. Towards the beginning I found a journal activity about our magical goals for the year. For the sake of coming full circle, I started writing out what I had fulfilled, and realized there were still a few things (and new things!) I wanted to accomplish next year.

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Praxis Makes Perfect

December is, for me, a month of introspection. The nights are long, the world turns cold and silent, and memories of holidays past make me withdraw into a world of magic. So, why not talk about and examine the ways I do my magic? Y’know, for kicks.

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Pesky Binaries and Being A Polytheist Inside Pagan Spaces

I find myself filling the role of “pesky polytheist” pretty well in non-religious-but-still-woo circles. Namely the tarot and divination community. I use my instagram (same name as the site by the by *wink wink*) almost exclusively to post about tarot and participate in divination challenges. I usually find myself either tweaking challenge questions to fit my polytheist (or specifically Gaelic Polytheist) needs. A question about connecting to Mother Nature? Change it to land spirits. Talking about a neopagan sabbat? Either skip that day or adapt it to my own holidays. Lil’ pesky things like that.

Sometimes though, I find myself getting… peskier.

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And Here I Go.

At the time of writing I’ve been a Gaelic Polytheist for roughly over a year, though the terminology and (especially) the methods have changed over that time. I feel like at this point I am comfortable enough to publically be part of the community, or at least try to. I’m talking to people daily, I’m on a forum, I have a tumblr, but I still need that longform writing platform where I can go off about nothing forever and ever. So, here’s this.

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