Hail To The Winter Sun (Massive UPG Warning)

It’s almost midwinter, so I want to talk about Grian.

Which is hard, because everything I wanna talk about is extremely UPGWe know very little about Grian, aside from knowing that her name means sun and she has a few places named after her. So I don’t want people to see this and go “great resource!!!” as if I found all this in some long-lost book in the back of the Trinity College library. I am not an academic, these are just my feelings and thoughts.

Hoo boy do I have a lot of those.

But I do want this to inspire other Gaelic Polytheists to honor her (especially if they honor Áine) and start thinking about their own associations with her. I want her to be more than a foil to Áine or an offshoot of the Cailleach. I want her to have SPG and prayers and devotions. I want her to be celebrated, like I’ve celebrated her.

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