Tarot Thursday Three: Using and Handling Decks, and a Love Letter to Other Readers

It’s been a while! I skipped last week’s because I didn’t really connect with any of the questions, and me just saying “No, not really” would make for a pretty boring blog post. As always, these prompts come from Spiral Sea Tarot’s #TarotThursdayThree! If you feel so inspired, make your own responses as well! I’d love for friends to join in.

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Tarot Thursday Three: Labels and (Un)Common Cards

I’ve been wanting to keep this blog busy, but posts about personal religious practice can take awhile to write. I’ve also wondered how to introduce tarot posts to this blog while making sure that topic doesn’t take over this blog completely. (After all, that’s what my Instagram is for!)

Enter Spiral Sea Tarot’s #tarotthursdaythree, which provides three short but sweet tarot-related prompts to write or make a video about. I feel pretty late to the party (this is the 13th round!) and my first entry is a day late, but I’m itching to get to writing!

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Goals from 2016 & Goals for 2017

Last January I decided to take part in the 2016 Grimoire Challenge, which focused on developing whatever notebook you had/wanted to have that held all your magical info. I stuck with it until June, when the challenge was starting to falter (for a lot of reasons, some a reflection of the magic community as a whole that might be worth exploring in the future, but this post isn’t about that.)

This December I opened up my “Grimoire Challenge” notebook again, deciding to give the challenge it’s proper dues and integrate it into my actual notebooks. Towards the beginning I found a journal activity about our magical goals for the year. For the sake of coming full circle, I started writing out what I had fulfilled, and realized there were still a few things (and new things!) I wanted to accomplish next year.

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Hail To The Winter Sun (Massive UPG Warning)

It’s almost midwinter, so I want to talk about Grian.

Which is hard, because everything I wanna talk about is extremely UPGWe know very little about Grian, aside from knowing that her name means sun and she has a few places named after her. So I don’t want people to see this and go “great resource!!!” as if I found all this in some long-lost book in the back of the Trinity College library. I am not an academic, these are just my feelings and thoughts.

Hoo boy do I have a lot of those.

But I do want this to inspire other Gaelic Polytheists to honor her (especially if they honor Áine) and start thinking about their own associations with her. I want her to be more than a foil to Áine or an offshoot of the Cailleach. I want her to have SPG and prayers and devotions. I want her to be celebrated, like I’ve celebrated her.

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Pesky Binaries and Being A Polytheist Inside Pagan Spaces

I find myself filling the role of “pesky polytheist” pretty well in non-religious-but-still-woo circles. Namely the tarot and divination community. I use my instagram (same name as the site by the by *wink wink*) almost exclusively to post about tarot and participate in divination challenges. I usually find myself either tweaking challenge questions to fit my polytheist (or specifically Gaelic Polytheist) needs. A question about connecting to Mother Nature? Change it to land spirits. Talking about a neopagan sabbat? Either skip that day or adapt it to my own holidays. Lil’ pesky things like that.

Sometimes though, I find myself getting… peskier.

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