Tarot Thursday Three: Using and Handling Decks, and a Love Letter to Other Readers

It’s been a while! I skipped last week’s because I didn’t really connect with any of the questions, and me just saying “No, not really” would make for a pretty boring blog post. As always, these prompts come from Spiral Sea Tarot’s #TarotThursdayThree! If you feel so inspired, make your own responses as well! I’d love for friends to join in.

Alright, let’s go! 

Do you have certain decks that you only use for specific purposes?

Hmm! This is a good question. I should start by saying I don’t have as big a collection as some others in the community, and I don’t really plan to either! So a deck being used for just one purpose is pretty rare in my collection, especially since I like to switch out the decks I’m using pretty often. I feel like most of the decks in my collection are all-rounders I can throw anything at.

That being said, I do have a few decks with notable strengths. My copy of the Shadowscapes is a bit of a trouble deck, but I recently found out it’s great at giving readings related to relationships and work. Raven’s Prophecy is great for huge spreads because while the deck gives very quick, shallow readings in one card draws, it allows for much easier reading in otherwise unwieldy spreads. The Vessel Oracle is geared towards emotional queries, and the writing for the Visions crystal oracle makes the deck great for shadow work and healing.

A few of the decks I’m planning on buying are getting bought for specific reasons as well. For example, I’m buying Animal Wisdom to fill my “hug in a deck” slot, I’m still searching for that perfect shadow work deck, and the Golden Thread is going to make a great deck for public use. Speaking of…

When reading for another, in person, do you have them shuffle the deck at any point? Why or why not?

Nooooo. It’s for totally selfish reasons too: I don’t want people manhandling my decks! Quite a few of my decks are either expensive (to me) or fragile (to me). There’s a few decks I’m lenient on, if the person is a friend and I trust them, but some decks are for my hands only. What if I handed someone the Slow Holler or Prisma Visions and they just tossed them around while shuffling, damaging the edges more? I’d die.

This whole conundrum is actually why I’m interested in the Golden Thread Tarot. It’s plastic, it’s waterproof, and I’m not as personally attached to it like I am with the Slow Holler. Also, it’s so cool and occult looking in a way a new querent would appreciate. So I’d feel pretty comfortable bringing it to bars, coffee shops, and punk clubs and letting people play with it as they will. I might even try riffle shuffling with it!

As a reader, what would make you (or why do you) seek intuitive services of another?

Every reader is different. We all have different specialties, different voices, and different methods. Allec over at Allecadabra, for instance, is amazing when it comes to readings related to entities that are in contact with you. Lettie Laughter has such an amazing voice and femme-centric insight. Beth Maiden offers readings geared toward the queer community that are focused on advice instead of the future. There are so many amazing, diverse, and distinct readers out there who bring something new to the table, that can give someone a message in a new way you’ve never seen before.

Sometimes we have to get out of our own heads to see the full picture. Sometimes we keep reading for a specific thing and getting stuck. Sometimes there are things that require another person to read, instead of having us get biased and try to see what we want to see. Sometimes we just need a different perspective, and that’s what other readers can provide. Also, it’s fun! Just because someone is a musician or an artist doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the creations of others, and I think the same is true of divination services. It feels good to sit back and let someone else give you a powerful reading, while also supporting a fellow reader to boot!

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!


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