Tarot Thursday Three: Labels and (Un)Common Cards

I’ve been wanting to keep this blog busy, but posts about personal religious practice can take awhile to write. I’ve also wondered how to introduce tarot posts to this blog while making sure that topic doesn’t take over this blog completely. (After all, that’s what my Instagram is for!)

Enter Spiral Sea Tarot’s #tarotthursdaythree, which provides three short but sweet tarot-related prompts to write or make a video about. I feel pretty late to the party (this is the 13th round!) and my first entry is a day late, but I’m itching to get to writing!

1. How would you refer to yourself as it relates to your practice? For example, I am a…”tarot reader”, “witch”, “intuitive”, “tarot practitioner”, “mystic” etc.

I refer to myself as a diviner, though I do call myself a tarot reader at times. I use this term both to illustrate that I do read predictively, even though most of my readings still focus on advice giving more than fortune telling. I also use this term because I do more than read tarot, or even just cartomancy!

2. Stalker alert! What is one card that keeps making itself known to you, either presently or in the past? Why do you think it keeps showing up?

When I first started reading tarot the Temperance card showed up a lot, as it still does. It was one of the cards that gave me a lot of trouble, but now I have a close relationship with it and it’s message of not falling into one extreme or another.

Last year I was being stalked by the Emperor, which I had a difficult relationship with due to my history of parental abuse and anger issues. It wasn’t until I got the Slow Holler tarot deck and read the interpretation for its equivalent card, the Navigator, that I could start seeing past the gender of the card and could finally see it in myself.

I don’t really have a stalker card right now, but I’m sure something will come up soon enough.


[ Image Description: Three Tarot cards from the Fountain Tarot deck are laid on top of my bedsheets and the deck’s iridescent box. The cards are Death, the Six of Wands, and the Empress. ]

3. On the contrary, what is a card that you rarely pull for yourself in a reading? What do you think its absence is suggesting?

I answered a similar question on yesterday’s Deck Collector Challenge prompt! I have very rarely pulled Judgement for myself, which might be why it’s the one card I still don’t get. I’ve never really had a Judgement moment, which is probably why it’s never shown up for me.

Justice is another card that I don’t see very often, and I don’t really like it that much. The cards in the Rider Waite system usually skew towards legal justice, which is hard for someone like me (queer, disabled, leftist) to relate to. I wonder if it would show up more if I started introducing reversed cards into my readings!

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading.


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