Goals from 2016 & Goals for 2017

Last January I decided to take part in the 2016 Grimoire Challenge, which focused on developing whatever notebook you had/wanted to have that held all your magical info. I stuck with it until June, when the challenge was starting to falter (for a lot of reasons, some a reflection of the magic community as a whole that might be worth exploring in the future, but this post isn’t about that.)

This December I opened up my “Grimoire Challenge” notebook again, deciding to give the challenge it’s proper dues and integrate it into my actual notebooks. Towards the beginning I found a journal activity about our magical goals for the year. For the sake of coming full circle, I started writing out what I had fulfilled, and realized there were still a few things (and new things!) I wanted to accomplish next year.

So, 2016…

Boy did that year suck. It continues to suck, and will long be felt after the bells toll its end.

For me personally though, it’s been on the decent side of okay. It was a year of growth, like every year since 2012 has been for me. I got to go to Many Gods West, I grew as a tarot reader, and I developed a sense of praxis both in my religion and magic practice.

So, how does post-2016 me hold up to my early 2016 goals?

  1. Create and organize a grimoire

I worded this differently in the actual post, but basically meant the same thing. “An encyclopedia of magical info” is what a grimoire is to me. While the grimoire challenge faltered, I did manage to use it as a jumping off point for my little Evernote notebooks, and have used it as a reference. It needs refining and more research, but it’ll probably never be done anyway. New spells and correspondences are made everyday! The backbones are there, though, and that’s what I really wanted.

2. Enhance divination abilities

Again, super paraphrased from the original. I basically listed 7 goals in one goal, and I definitely didn’t hit all of them. However, I am in general much better at divination where I was before. I trust my intuition, I can read tarot with ease, and I even started reading for others (outside my friend circle) late this year.

3. Practice necromancy more

This one… didn’t happen. Hell, not even more general spirit work happened that much. I’m not sure how much necromancy will happen since I moved away from the cemetery, but the lack of spirit work was definitely on me. I did, however, finally start doing ancestor work.

4. Develop my spell and sigil crafting skills

This one definitely happened. I relied less on pre-made spells, sigils, and rituals and just followed my own arrow a lot this year, though I’m not to the point where I feel confident enough posting those for public use. Maybe next year!

5. Study for religious practice

Eh… Not really? Of the three practices I have, religion kinda suffered the most. Which is weird because I felt like I developed so much praxis, but when it came to actually sitting and reading things…. eh….

So, how about 2017?

I’ll be honest, it’s a struggle to feel optimism for 2017. It feels like its fate is already set in stone, y’know? Despite that, the readings I’ve done for myself have been surprisingly positive, so maybe there’ll be a few lights in the dark.

Let’s make some goals together, shall we?

  1. Study and practice Lenormand and at least one non-cartomancy form of divination

This feels a little more doable than last year’s seven goals. I finally bought myself a Lenormand deck, The Seeker’s Lenormand, that I’ve started using. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be as confident with it as I am with Tarot. As for non-cartomancy divination, I’m thinking of studying either astrologamancy or finally getting a proper pendulum.

2. Start a divination business

This one is pretty big… However, I need a source of income, and I have very few skills valued in a capitalist society. Divination is at least somewhat valued, and is part of my long-term goal of being able to support the community.

3. Start a bi-weekly religious practice/ritual

A lot of my religious cohorts struggle with keeping up a prayer schedule, and I share that struggle. I’ve gotten better at doing something for each holiday, but I still want to expand my physical devotions beyond the holidays. Bi-weekly, to me, seems frequent enough to be a schedule and still give enough time to recoup. Of course, I’ll still be praying as needed.

4. Keep developing my magic practice

This is a bit open-ended, but some subgoals would be doing magic on a more regular basis, posting some crafted spells or sigils, and having more of my spells clearly succeed.

5. Study all those religious books & texts

So many books and resources, not nearly enough studying. Ughhhhh.

6. More spirit work

Going to open it up from last year, but I really faltered on any kind of spirit work lately. One of my long term goals is to have a place to host wandering spirits, so I’m gonna work towards that this year.

What’re y’all’s goals this year? How did your practices grow or falter last year? I’m planning to set these intentions under the light of the New Moon on Friday.


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