Praxis Makes Perfect

December is, for me, a month of introspection. The nights are long, the world turns cold and silent, and memories of holidays past make me withdraw into a world of magic. So, why not talk about and examine the ways I do my magic? Y’know, for kicks.

  1. Embrace the grey. The most important part of my magical practice is that I do not observe most dichotomies. I touched on this quite a bit in my last post, and you could probably say this is paradigm, not praxis. But if I don’t observe dichotomies, what do I observe? The grey. The inbetweens. The complexities. Liminality. That nothing is completely separate from each other. That nothing is just one thing. That nothing ever quite stays the same.
  2. Don’t share everything. Which, I know, is silly for someone with a blog like this making a post like this. But seriously, you can’t (and shouldn’t) share every detail. For example, I would never tell someone every last ingredient of the ward I put around my house. What if someone used that knowledge to get past it? Of course there are times when you do want to share or need to share all components of a spell, especially when it comes to herbalism and safety, but be careful about spilling the beans on something that could spell your doom. The internet is forever!
  3. Curse fits the crime. I am not against curses. I’m not even against cursing for things some people would say is “too trivial”. However, I believe that a curse must be equal (or less) to the offense that caused it. A casual curse would be suitable for a minor slight against you, or a general jerk needing to learn a lesson. Full blown dressed in all black with black candles and pig’s blood ready to give someone living hell rituals however, are best left to be used when dealing some real monstrous people. I don’t believe in the Rede, but my religion does have some stories of some really nasty curses that would backfire horribly if the person did not truly deserve it. So as much as I may want to, I’m not going to curse someone for nine generations over stealing my library seat.
  4. Help the Community. Obviously I do self-centered magic, who doesn’t, but at the end of the day my personal goal is to one day serve my community (religious and mundane, online and local) with my magic. To be that extroverted hermit living just outside of town, with elixirs and spells to help whoever knocks on the door. I’m not there yet, and obviously this requires the community to even need or want me, but it’s the goal I’m working towards.

This isn’t everything (see number 2), just what comes foremost to mind. There’s some things I’m still figuring out (How do I make magic last as long as I need it to? When is it okay to call upon the gods for help, if ever?) because, like most skills, I will never stop learning and honing and asking. Just to be clear, this is not a rule set I think YOU should follow, but the rules and guidelines I try to follow for my own sake. You do you!


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