And Here I Go.

At the time of writing I’ve been a Gaelic Polytheist for roughly over a year, though the terminology and (especially) the methods have changed over that time. I feel like at this point I am comfortable enough to publically be part of the community, or at least try to. I’m talking to people daily, I’m on a forum, I have a tumblr, but I still need that longform writing platform where I can go off about nothing forever and ever. So, here’s this.

Right now I’m in a… place in my life. And like, who isn’t, but it sure is a place. It’s a constant whiplash feeling of “my life is finally coming together!” and “everything is and always will be falling apart” tied together with a neverending gut feeling that shit, I’ve done something wrong. And somehow, weirdly enough, religion and home are the only things that are going right. Sure, spirituality-wise I’m fumbling and I know nothing, but at least there’s a constant, positive progress going on there. At least I’m fumbling good.

I’m currently moving into a house, with a yard and a cool telephone shelf and a lease that doesn’t restrict candle use. I’m studying necromancy and ogham. I’m finally reading The Lore (I know, a year in? But I wanted my “course list” to be complete before I started which uh, took awhile. Still taking awhile.) and reaching out to other deities and spirits. I have blog posts and local cultus stuff in my head. When people ask things I have answers in my head, even if they’re very rough answers. I feel the growth, and the change, and the stabilization. Progress is weird, I haven’t felt it in awhile.

This blog is going to be spiritual musings, though my life will pop through where it will. I’m not sure if I’m going to try to do those blog challenges that everyone seemed to be doing two years ago, because I’m much more into bumbling into the details of my practice by my own accord. Like a river or a bus going through the rich part of town or me trying to write coherently, I can’t stop at defined areas. I can only go.


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